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What is CORE?



Through proper communication educate others on how to get you solid referrals not leads.



Develop the skills that can capture opportunities for you and your team



 We track your success in revenue closed. That is the only stat that counts



Learn through proven networking strategies that will make  you a successful networker



Tim Kerin has over 28 years of networking experience that has generated over $29 million in business revenue all through networking without a salesperson. Tim has also branded his businesses with an NFL Franchise, and HGTV House Hunters International that has added to his success. By using these popular worldwide brands Tim took advantage of promoting networking events with his strategic partners to present a different approach to networking.


Taking your business to the next level

CORE allows one profession per team and asks for a minimum of one-year commitment to establish relationships and strengthen networking skills. The focus is on education to becoming a professional networker. Through education and interactive meetings that will create revenue generated and revenue received for all members and that is the only stat that counts in CORE

Box in One

CORE’s membership growth is based on creating a “Box in One” method of aligning members with their strategic partners that target the same end user. The “Box in One” CORE format aligns strategical partners by planning opportunities to target the “One” at the center of the box. This is done by a variety of marketing and networking methods that have proven successful track record.

CORE Commitment

CORE is committed to each member's success. Each new member will be given a CORE handbook that will explain all the policies, procedures and CORE methods that used properly will ensure the success of each and every member.​


CORE meetings are twice a month that allow members to work on their business skills learned in the meetings. Each meeting provides valuable interactive networking exercises that educate members. Members will also be allowed to present to the team after they have mastered the CORE way of networking to make a successful pitch.

For every new CORE member you  refer, we will give you a $50 credit towards your second year of membership dues.


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Client Testimonials

“After visiting a number of networking “clubs”, I found CORE to be the most authentic, friendly group of tam players dedicated to building trusting, long term business relationships.”

“I want to thank you for creating such an awesome networking group that is unmatched in the industry.”

“Your CORE group is phenomenally structured and very educational. l learned a lot about CORE and the value of networking with a great group of people.”


Contact us

tim@learninglessonsinbusiness.com  |  Tel: 240-876-7676 


We always like to network and of course, we'd want to hear from you! Let us know if you want to attend a meeting or help us launch a team.

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