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Through proper communication educate others on how to get you solid referrals not leads.



Develop the skills that can capture opportunities for you and your team



 We track your success in revenue closed. That is the only stat that counts



Learn through proven networking strategies that will make  you a successful networker

There are a lot of platforms for you to network, meet people, exchange cards, and do an elevator pitch in hoping to gain business. Has any of these platforms actually educated you on networking strategies to be successful and generate the revenue vs the time commitment?


  CORE not only educates you on how to build your business through proven methods, but personally too. Every CORE meeting, members engage in interactive workshops that not only improve your skills but acts as a method for other members to understand your business better to receive qualified referrals. Members also have the opportunity to explain how they achieved a referral for a member so other members can learn from their success.


  As in any business everyone tries to gain a competitive edge on their competition. Through educational networking you have that edge by adding an extension of your sales team that understands your business. CORE also educates members on the latest social media networking branding tools and how to use them in the market place.


  There is one profession per CORE team. Each CORE team meets twice a month for 90 minutes. CORE wants the members to be more in the market place to be successful networkers. Members are encouraged to continue reaching out to other CORE members during the off weeks for strategic planning meetings. 


CORE is not a franchise organization and is hands on with the mission is to educate every single member with networking skills to better their income and personal growth.

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